DDD Ep 42: Everything is a tiny shade of “Grey” Aug23


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DDD Ep 42: Everything is a tiny shade of “Grey”


DURATION: 3 Hours 18 minutes

The Cast is back with ye old regulars Flags, TSRL, and Baku are all here to talk about stuff…like usual! Stuff like usual this time includes the First Episode of Carnival Phantasm, The Fall Anime season 2011 preview and the dreadful Innocent Grey! And by dreadful we mean long and painful to listen to.


1) The Beginning.

DURATION: 0:00:00- 0:00:19

2) You should get it by now because it’s the beginning of the End.

DURATION: 0:00:44- 0:26:35

3) News!

DURATION: 0:26:37- 0:41:03

4) The First Ep of Carnival Phantasm

DURATION: 0:41:05- 0:52:31

5) Innocent Grey Discussion w/Flags

  • Cartagra ~Tsuki Kurui no Yamai
  • Kara no Shoujo

DURATION: 0:52:32- 1:39:28

Intermission: Sekijitsu Promo presented by bakuhasu 1:39:45- 1:40:43

6) Fall 2011 Anime Preview!

*If you need something to reference upon use this link from Moetron: http://www.moetron.com/2011/08/13/fall-2011-visual-guide-and-anime-listing-2/

Sorry just outta respect I didn’t hotlink it.

DURATION: 1:41:15- 3:07:44

Baku’s Tunes: Sunshine Girl- Moumoon 3:07:58- 3:12:45


7)  The End.

DURATION: 3:12:41- 3:18:27


Baku’s Note: The Quality Whore here giving you peeps about the quality of this episode. As I started editing I noticed that the number of hertz or (Htz) has been reduced to 16000 instead of your usual 41000 htz. That did however dipped our voices to pretty much close to a call to Hong Kong. Still it’s still a listenable episode and it’s no where like THAT time in terms of quality. All I need to say here is that it’s noticeable, it’s sucks, it’s embarrassing, and totally my fault. Other than that just need to sneak in the Obligatory thanks for the listen and pace yourself for another 3hr pod!