DDD Ep 51: For the King of Iron fist, it was a Shark. Feb12


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DDD Ep 51: For the King of Iron fist, it was a Shark.


Recorded on 1-28-2012

79.7 Mb @64kbps

DDD Podcast is back with tangents tangents and more tangents! Well of course Piracy and the uuush.


1) Improv!!.. before the show

0:00:00- 0:00:30

2)  What have you been doing?

0:00:38- 0:38:11

3) Kojima may Cry

0:38:12- 0:58:10

4) Jeff’s Nisemono Woes/ Animu talk./you still owe me Tofu

0:58:11- 2:05:47

5) NEWS!


6) PIRACY!!!!!

 2:20:00- 2:49:00

7) Outro’s!

2:50:00- 2:52:56

*Baku’s Note: My apologies to the users that want the episodes to be uploaded on Itunes. At the moment we can’t due to our technician expert and webmaster Will, not being able to manage our site because he’s busy with his own life. That being said Episodes will always be up here, now Commercial free, Tunes Free, and yeah… 

I will definitely get back to you guys once we get our episodes up on Itunes again.
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